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Aug 25, 2013 10:00pm EDT
principle for ambition is never going to feel good, martha, however you dress it up. hello, niamh. um... what's he like? who? his barrister. she, he's a she. god knows i understand how hard it'll be to go in there and relive what you've been through, but if i had to choose anyone to cross-examine you, it would be martha costello. oh, so you've seen her in court before? we're in chambers together. it's a small world, the criminal bar. i know martha well enough to be clear about one thing: she won't go for you. her heart isn't in it. the bottom line with defendants in rape, if you're ugly and dirty, you go down. if you're good-looking and clean, you get off. how do you know? i thought you didn't do rape? oh, i've read about it. i've written about it. one way or another without actually doing one i've done a lot of rape. handsome and washed gets you a "not guilty." excellent. steve clarke, solicitor's rep. this is alan bradley. martha costello. great. excellent. she won't go through with it. she's here. she's at court and she's got plenty of support. it feels odd talking about it like th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1